I have recently posted up to the photo gallery a number of albums worth of pictures for some of the summer activities we have been up to in the last 6 weeks or so.

At the start of July Kerry’s family came out for the 4th and the Provo Freedom Festival (including the Stadium of Fire). Let’s just say that a stadium full of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) fans was quite an experience, one that I hope to not have to endure again any time soon. We also went to a concert up at Sundance Resort where the Utah Symphony played, that was a great setting.

At the end of the month we went with Scott and Angela and kids to Uncle Jim’s cabin – Kerry couldn’t get over the wildflowers. I can get used to that kind of camping!

Then I went camping for real with the Scouts up in the High Uintas, just north of Mirror Lake. It is gorgeous up there. Huge mountains, forests as far as you can see, lakes and ponds and streams just about everywhere you turn. We hiked nearly 9 miles on an over-nighter and swam and fished and climbed and enjoyed the stars.

Finally, we just returned from a weekend in Twin Falls with the Grandparents Cooper (and Scott & Angela and Co. again). Just a relaxing weekend to get out of town and visit the Grandparents. We did a tour at the Twin Falls Temple open-house, went to Bass Lake, watched some Olympics, and otherwise just relaxed.

I guess that means summer vacations are over, back to the grindstone…

Gallery link: http://www.jasonfarnsworth.com/gallery/2008_pictures