We have been busy, or at least mostly Kerry has been busy, as far as vacations go. Pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery.

In May we went to Zion National Park before it go too hot down there. That was a lot of fun, though maybe just about 1/2 a day too short. We hiked around, took many pictures of the amazing rock scenery, and just tried to relax from our typical routine.

Right after we returned from Zion National Park I finally took advantage of the paragliding lesson voucher that Kerry bought me for Christmas. It was quite a unique experience that I am interested in experiencing more of, though it can be a bit costly to get started (lessons & equipment). I have described my short flights as mostly akin to going down a zipline, the difference (and coolness) occurs when you catch a breeze and begin to actually rise a bit and slow down your forward speed – that is an amazing feeling, “whoa, I am actually flying now, not just falling in a controlled manner!”

In June, Kerry went with some of her cousins on a Carribean cruise. Kerry has been trying to talk me into going on a cruise for quite some time, so this was her opportunity to go do it and then see if she could improve her sales pitch to me – she had plenty fun, but hasn’t managed to get me any more interested in cruising.

Then came the 4th of July and then some camping with Angela & Co. Followed by Kerry’s trip to Disneyland with her family. I spent too many vacation days earlier this year snowboarding, so Kerry travelled solo again. Kerry reports that Disneyland was mostly the way she remembered it from when she was little (lots of fun) and seemed to be channeling her inner 8-year old during the trip (in a good way).

Tony graduated from BYU-Idaho in July, and since the whole family was coming out for the event, my Uncle volunteered to organize an extended family outdoor excursion. We met up in Stanley Idaho and then went whitewater rafting down the North Fork of the Payette River. We all had some fun, some adventure, and a little bit of sunburn. Kerry rode in a “round boat” and me and my dad each took an inflatable kayak. There was plenty of calm stretches to jump out and swim highlighted by some exciting class III-IV rapids that gave us plenty of adventure, even dumping me and my dad into some pretty exciting water (at the exact same point, even though we were in seperate boats no less).

Enjoy the pictures, and in case that incomplete story or more of the gory details you may hear from us has you worried about the risks of whitewater rafting, I found an interesting article from a medical journal that should help put things into perspective.

Big Rapids