Not that all aspects of the Star Wars universe are all bad, but it is a far cry from what George Lucas set out to create back in the late 1970′s.

Here is a video someone created and posted to YouTube where many short clips from various old serials are cut together to create a fake preview reel for The Empire Strikes Back in the style that inspired George Lucas to create the original Star Wars (Episode IV – A New Hope).

After his movie made him and the studio so much money the direction for the subsequent sequels (and ESPECIALLY the prequels) drifter further and further from this style. Like I said, this isn’t all bad, but I think keeping this in mind provides some context for why the prequels ended up the way they did (to a certain extent).

George Lucas has stated in numerous interviews that when Episode IV starts you are meant to feel like you are being dropped into the middle of a story that you don’t have all of the context and explanations for, like missing the earlier episodes of a Saturday Matinee serial. He did this on purpose! So then as the sequels progressed and people became increasingly eager for more explanation, history, back story, world building, etc… George and the studio saw there was money to be made in telling a much more expansive story. The prequels are ret-cons and after-thoughts.

For people that love Star Wars (e.g. ME!) this is a great thing as we get to see more awesome technology and mythos and characters. But, for people that love Star Wars (e.g. me) we cringe when we have to deal with Jar-Jar and midichlorians and Boba Fett not dying in the Sarlac pit. I am unabashedly a huge Star Wars fan, I just have to focus on all of the great things that we have because of it (moviews, toys, video games, novels, comic books and graphic novels, costumes, story, environments, etc…) and ignore the admittedly very few parts that are annoying