This and subsequent blog posts will be the very summarized version of events. For complete details feel free to inquire, but I don’t desire to be so exhaustive in this accounting. Instead I just want to touch on some highlights and share some images (higher-resolution images will be on the photo site once we return home).

Flying to Europe just isn’t all that fun. It has gotten better over time with better preparation and now with personal video entertainment systems on most aircraft and in-seat power for laptops/MP3 players. I should say, it isn’t all that fun if you aren’t in Business/1st Class, which most people are not. Regardless, we arrived in Rome early on Easter Sunday tired and with plenty of travel ahead of us to make it down to the Amalfi coast south of Napoli.

Flying to Rome

The Amalfi coast truly is as beautiful as everyone says it is, but being that the main draw are the communities that cling to the steep, rugged, coastline makes for a lot of walking up and down steep grades and lots of steps. It also makes getting around more difficult than other places in Italy. Choices are taxis/buses on narrow, winding, roads or boats/ferries between towns. And walking, did I mention the walking?

Edge of the town of Positano

Ischia is a little island off the western coast of Italy (closest major city is Napoli) and is about 4 miles across with its highest point being 2,519 feet above sea level at the top of an old volcanic mountain, Monte Epomeo. Here is my basic summary of Ischia: a beautiful little island that is best experienced on motorino (scooter). Rent 125cc or 150cc scooter and explore wherever the road takes you (except for the zona di traffico limitato, you don’t want to get a ticket).

With proper transportation and a little bit of hiking, it is possible to go from sea level to 2,500 feet in less than an hour and be rewarded with spectacular views and cooler winds.

In Italy (and most of Europe I presume), a Mini Cooper is a regular-sized car.

More updates will be posted as time and internet access allow. Ciao!