La bella Toscana, if only the weather would stop getting in the way. It isn’t really that bad, early morning sunshine promises a beautiful day but shortly after lunch the skies are dark with intermittent drizzle but then it clears up somewhat by late evening just before dark for some nice sunsets.

Again we are braving the roads, this time in 4-wheels which opens up even more destinations but also provides less room to squeeze by on narrow streets and fewer places near Centro (center of town) where you are allowed to drive and park.

The narrow roads, fast driving, and other things we aren’t used to actually grow on you pretty quickly and, like most things you do when driving, begin to become automatic. The problem with having a car in Italy so that you can get to more places and on your own schedule, is that you want to go more places and you may never make it back to your hotel! By the time we made it back to Siena we were just desperate to find any place to eat, and it just so happened that the first place we found after parking ended up being some of the best pasta we’ve had so far on this trip (and that is saying a lot!) – freshly made spinach-stuffed tortelli with a savory pumpkin sauce, buonissimo!

Church on Sunday in Siena was great. We showed up and the branch president said that when he saw us he got excited that maybe a new family had moved in. There is a group of BYU students living here in Siena for the summer, and they are helping conduct music and other things, so the branch is happy to have some extra members for a time.

Next up, Firenze and shopping, which a member of the branch told Kerry to make sure I know about and to let her do some shopping to which Kerry responded: “Si, lo so!” because she has had that activity on her itinerary from the beginning.