Old stomping grounds and a different type of culture.

Back in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is responsible for some good Italian cuisine (that is, cucina Italiana) as well as some fine engineering and beautiful design. Emilia-Romagna is the region where I lived for over a year, and a few more months in nearby Lombardia. In short, a part of the country I once knew so well. As can be said for many things in Italy, most is the same but there are some changes as well.

To enjoy the the engineering and design, visits to Ducati & Ferrari.

…as well as Ravenna for the ancient glass-tile mosaics (that counts in the design category).

To celebrate the cuisine, a cooking class at the Academia Barilla in Parma.

Note to future-self and any others with desires of cooking instruction in Italy, don’t plan to cook all day long! It is great to be so immersed, but cooking is hard work and to enjoy the fruits of your labor you need time to digest as well as to possibly sleep it off!

In other good news, the weather is turning warmer now with no rain in sight. Getting ready to head north before returning somewhat south.