Rather than continually text, tweet, and email all of you who are interested in the progress of our home build – repeating the current state of things over and over again and perhaps leaving out details and such – I figured it would be simpler to just create some blog posts with progress reports and information.

If you aren’t hear by virtue of being part of the family & friends circle of interested parties, hopefully this serves as an education about our experience building a new home with Ivory Homes in Utah.

We officially signed all the paperwork and put down some money to start the “on-the-clock” process in mid-September 2012. I mean to say that quite a bit of of process preceded this step: choosing the floor plan, lot, colors & finishes, and a lengthy list of modification ideas (which resulted in a lengthy list of modification costs). However, up to this point the pace of things was largely dictated by us and how quickly we could make decisions and feel like those choices were final. Now that all of that had been done the builder then had to have it’s engineering staff review the plans to make sure that the plans with our modifications would be structurally sound and pass the city permitting process.

This was the state of the lot during this waiting period:

After a couple of weeks the city was presented with the plans and a request for a building permit. A couple of more weeks passed before everything was approved and actual building could commence. The day before Halloween the builder broke ground and dug the hole for the footings & basement, woo-hoo! This is where it all begins, time start watching that everything goes correctly.

The timing of this couldn’t be better. A few days after building had actually commenced I would be passing by this site every single day as the new office building is now open for occupancy which puts the home build site right on my commute path every morning and evening. This will make it ultra convenient for me to keep tabs on the build progress, check the work, and get pictures.

By the end of the first week there was already real concrete progress (couldn’t resist the pun / double entrendre):

That is all to report for now, stay tuned for more progress reports as there is something to update.