Wood is on site and the house shape is beginning to come into existence. There isn’t much to say, it is mostly described in the pictures:

What is amazing is the speed with which the framing is progressing. The crew is there until late at night, using work lights to keep going, on the weekend and even on Thanksgiving morning. The weather has cooperated as well, which has been nice. The elapsed time between the first picture when framing started and the last is just 7 days, though the last picture was early in the morning of the 7th day so it is really only 6 days worth of work.

The plumbing and electrical work will start in the next week. I will be installing some of my own network cable & speaker wire, given the speed of the build the superintendent told me that the day I need to be ready to do this would be exactly 2 weeks after the framing was started, which is next week.