The framing was complete when the last post was put up. Total time for framing: 1 week. Wow.

Since the framing has been completed the various “trades” have been visiting the house. Notable elements that are now present in the house: plumbing, electrical, roofing, natural gas, networking, windows, HVAC, and main circuit breaker panel.

Here the windows have been stacked up in the garage so that the window installer could come do his thing. Unfortunately the window that was installed in the center of the master bedroom bay window has a giant crack running across it, so that will have to be replaced.

Windows stacked up

This is the view of the back of the house with the windows installed. The big picture window in the center was where the floor plan had called for a gas fireplace. We weren’t all that keen on a fireplace on that wall and so we asked to put a window there instead. Seeing it in person confirms it was the correct choice, so much light and great views in the family room & kitchen thanks to the rear of the house essentially being all window.

Windows at the back

The electricians and plumbers were working on the house at the same time, here they have begun to bring in the necessary material for installation.

electrical and plumbing material

Here, the walk-in shower in the master bathroom has been plumbed. There will be one typical shower head as well as a rainfall shower head pointing straight down over the center of the shower so there are two shower controls. We’re really excited for this feature!

Walk-in shower

The builder is installing a few network jacks in the house, but I wanted more plus I wanted to put some speaker wire in the walls & ceiling for potential future use. So I spent a couple of days working at the house running my own cable throughout the house including to the eaves, potentially for security cameras in the future. Here is the wall where the entertainment center will go so there is power, coax, network, and speaker wire here:

wires and wires

I ran speaker wire for surround sound speakers for the family room as well as wires to the kitchen for potential speakers to be added there so that you can listen to the radio, or put on some music, or even just so you don’t have to crank up the volume on the TV so loud if you want to hear it in the kitchen. I have a vision about all this, hopefully it should all work out once we move in.

Insulation in the basement and the main floor walls & ceilings should be going in this week followed by the drywall. The weather has been great for these critical stages that were the most susceptible to weather delays. The forecast for the coming week is for occasional precipitation just as the roof has been completed – phew!