The weather has turned and there is constant winter weather now, cold winds are now joined by cold rain and often snow. However, the house is now mostly sealed off and contained and the furnace is functioning. This means work inside the house has continued with significant developments. Now we just have to hope for adequate enough weather to allow for the exterior finish work to be accomplished.

At the last update the framing, wiring, plumbing, and duct work were all complete. The next step is to insulate the walls and then put up the sheetrock.

With the sheetrock up the superintendent who supervises the build comes and turns on the heater each morning so the workers can work comfortably. The first workers to benefit from the heater are the taping crew. Now you are starting to get a sense for the room spaces in the house.

The stone for the lower-portion of the front of the house was delivered in big corrugated plastic boxes on pallets (the brown boxes in the lower-left). Also, the soffits have been installed and they look good.

The wall & ceiling texturing was next. The wall texturing is subtle, the ceiling texture has a bit more relief. The tile guy started soon after the mudding was all complete. Below is a shot of the entryway with the dark tile we selected. The grout has not been put down yet. This is the first of the finish colors & styles to go in and where we can start seeing if the selections we made months ago actually go well together (hopefully yes!).

That is where the progress stands today. There is still some more tile to do, especially in the master bathroom wallk-in shower. There is the exterior stone & stucco that I expect will go up as soon as the weather permits. Then I would suppose that interior painting will be coming up followed by the cabinetry.