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Entries for January 27th, 2013

Home build progress – part 9

I ended my last post by saying that the closer the house gets to looking complete the more difficult it is becoming to patiently await the completion. This picture perfectly illustrates that sentiment: The carpet is in, counter tops are installed (except for the kitchen island), the sinks are in place, and most of the [...]

Home build progress – part 8

The stone has been put up outside. There is rather little left to do outside: the driveway, the deck & stairs in the back, paint the front door, and put the air conditioner in place. Inside it continues to look more and more like a house. The light fixtures are in place as are the [...]

Home build progress – part 7

Brrrrr, winter is really in full force now! It must be brutal to be working outside in the elements to apply the stucco, but progress is continuing. We did receive a bit of unwelcome news during the Christmas break, the carpet we had selected had been discontinued so we would need to come into the [...]

Home build progress – part 6

The shelving has been put up as has the molding/casing around the doors. Here’s a view in the master bathroom: The bannister over the stairs down to the basement was installed. Immediately we were very pleased with the style we had chosen, but then the stain was applied and we were blown away by the [...]