Brrrrr, winter is really in full force now! It must be brutal to be working outside in the elements to apply the stucco, but progress is continuing.

We did receive a bit of unwelcome news during the Christmas break, the carpet we had selected had been discontinued so we would need to come into the showroom and select a new carpet but there were new choices as well. Also, our sales representative with Ivory Homes would be leaving the company and so we would be assigned a new rep to be our liaison with Ivory throughout the remainder of the process. We have been largely satisfied with the service we have received, hopefully nothing changes on that front.

The cabinets throughout the house have now been installed. The tile work is all complete including the grout. I am really happy with the finished look. The tile does have a bit more brown & beige in it than we had anticipated, though it doesn’t ruin it for us it was not how we anticipated the look based on the tile sample in the showroom. The walk-in shower in the master bathroom is awesome!

The finish stucco with color is being finished. I really like this view of the entire house covered in so much plastic.

And here is a view of the final stucco finish. The area below will be stone.