The stone has been put up outside. There is rather little left to do outside: the driveway, the deck & stairs in the back, paint the front door, and put the air conditioner in place.

Inside it continues to look more and more like a house. The light fixtures are in place as are the closet hanger rods. The electrician is working on all of the outlets and switches.

And then, nothing much happened for a while. We are getting to the phase of construction where individual steps do not take more than a day or two but a bunch of different specialties need to come in and do their work in a very particular order and there are supplies needed for each. So, if there is a delay in the availability of one installer or if the materials do not arrive to be installed then it can delay things.

Then all at once much can change. The flooring guy arrived and the laminate in the kitchen was installed and the carpet went in soon after.

With the light fixtures in place and all of the outlets and switches wired up, the circuit breaker panel is filling up and the telecommunications box (on the right) has also been installed. I am happy to see that my request for extra slack in the communication cabling (coax & network) has been honored, you can see the service loop of cable above the telecom box. The extra cable is good so that I have enough cable to relocate the telecom box a little should I need to.

The build process has been relatively tolerable up to this point, but now that the house is reaching a nearly livable state the anxiousness to have it all done so we can move in is beginning to build. But there are still quite a few very small things that need to be done and/or fixed.