I ended my last post by saying that the closer the house gets to looking complete the more difficult it is becoming to patiently await the completion. This picture perfectly illustrates that sentiment:

The carpet is in, counter tops are installed (except for the kitchen island), the sinks are in place, and most of the plumbing is complete.

Down in the basement, I am very glad we were able to add a double-door at the bottom of the stairs. It will make getting large objects in and out of the basement much easier.

Outside we have run into another delay that is almost certainly pushing out the completion – severe cold weather. It has been extremely cold in Utah ever since the first of the year. Most days the high temperature is only getting into the low 20′s and at night the low temperature is just a couple of degrees above 0. This is making pouring the concrete for the driveway, walkway, and back deck & stairs impossible.

But, after a month of keeping a close eye on the forecast there looked to be a chance for some warming so the builders started getting ready.

The frozen ground was dug up and then these large insulated tarps were laid down that have black on one side to absorb the heat and silver/grey on the other side to reflect any heat back into the ground. I thought that this was perhaps wishful thinking by the builder, but then one morning I went to work and I wasn’t shivering at all for the first time in a month. That day it got up to a balmy 38 degrees!

This is a huge milestone and pretty much the last step that was being held up by the weather. However, there are still things that need to be done.