The house is done!

Here are some images and information about the final steps that have now been accomplished.

Here is an updated picture of the Master Bathroom walk-in shower, now with both shower heads installed.

The back porch and stairs were installed and then the vinyl guy put up the railing. We opted for an extra section to be included up at the top to make a space for the grill. There is a natural gas outlet up there too so we can plug the grill into natural gas rather than dealing with propane tanks.

Here is a shot of the (basically) completed kitchen. The fridge has since been installed after this picture was taken. The cabinets over the fridge are the same depth as all of the other upper cabinets in the fridge. The builder is going to be replacing these with deeper cabinets like you typically find above a refrigerator.

I meant to post a floor plan much earlier in these updates, but here is the main floor plan.