In May of this year I went to a storage vendor conference in Las Vegas called EMCWorld. I enjoyed some great technical content and was entertained at an Imagine Dragons concert. But I received some education while I was there that I hadn’t expected. EMC partnered with Charity: Water to add an altruistic and social responsibility element to this trade show. Specifically for EMCWorld, each participant that came to the Charity: Water booth and carried two 20 liter (5 gallon) Jerry cans would unlock a $5 donation by EMC as well as a matching $5 donation by Brocade to Charity: Water for their ongoing water projects. In total nearly 6,000 people participated unlocking donations by these companies which will be responsible for providing clean drinking water solutions for 6 villages in Ethiopia. What a simple act by nearly 50% of the attendees that resulted in so much good!

Jason's EMCWorld Charity: Water walk


What happened

I thought it was a nice gesture to include in this otherwise very narrowly focused event and I did my part to contribute and I thought I was pretty much done with the topic. On the last day, first thing in the morning, the organizer and CEO of Charity: Water was scheduled to give a presentation, I didn’t really go out of my way to make time to attend but I somehow ended up wandering in just as it got started. That presentation really cause a major shift in my thinking about this charity and, more importantly, about the issue of access to clean drinking water.

If you want to take an hour of your time, I would highly recommend it to you: Charity: Water presentation at EMCWorld 2014


The challenge

This is getting long, so let me get to the heart of the matter of this post. I am convinced that this is an effort on which I can personally cause a material benefit. I am motivated to not only donate to help give someone easier access to clean drinking water, but to do what I can in my limited sphere to encourage others to donate and have a positive impact as well. I am asking for a birthday present this year. I am asking for you to join me and give a small amount of your resources to have a major impact on someone’s life, health, and well being. Help me reach and even smash my goal! $1,000 feels like a big number for someone without much of a track record of fundraising, but thanks to social media and the internet I can share the message with a large number of people and you can help me extend my reach.


Where to go

Go to this site to get more information and to donate:


Please email, tweet, facebook, pintrest, etc… either this post or a link to my campaign at the Charity: Water website.

Thank you.