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I was interviewed on a podcast!

I love listening to podcasts. Technology, storytelling, role-playing, news & current events, comedy & entertainment, politics, career interests, science are all topics covered in my podcast playlist. Before podcasts I listened to audiobooks frequently and the only problem I have with my podcast fascination is that it has displaced my audiobook consumption time. There are [...]

Charity: Water – a birthday goal

Background In May of this year I went to a storage vendor conference in Las Vegas called EMCWorld. I enjoyed some great technical content and was entertained at an Imagine Dragons concert. But I received some education while I was there that I hadn’t expected. EMC partnered with Charity: Water to add an altruistic and [...]

Home build progress – part 10

The house is done! Here are some images and information about the final steps that have now been accomplished. Here is an updated picture of the Master Bathroom walk-in shower, now with both shower heads installed. The back porch and stairs were installed and then the vinyl guy put up the railing. We opted for [...]

Home build progress – part 9

I ended my last post by saying that the closer the house gets to looking complete the more difficult it is becoming to patiently await the completion. This picture perfectly illustrates that sentiment: The carpet is in, counter tops are installed (except for the kitchen island), the sinks are in place, and most of the [...]

Home build progress – part 8

The stone has been put up outside. There is rather little left to do outside: the driveway, the deck & stairs in the back, paint the front door, and put the air conditioner in place. Inside it continues to look more and more like a house. The light fixtures are in place as are the [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 7

Ah, traveling in Italy… Having reached Roma, the next challenge is to decide what in the world to see and do. As I mentioned previously, there is so much to choose from. Many things are well known, some less so, most are worth the time, and some (similar to Juliet’s balcony in Verona) are popular [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 6

Frequently, when one thinks of visiting Italy the main cities of Firenze, Pisa, Venezia, and of course Roma are on the itinerary. If one is feeling more adventurous then side-trips to small towns in Tuscany might be added to the list. I wonder if it is possible to visit (and I mean more than simply [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 5

As you travel more north in Italy there are marked changes in culture, food, landscape (of course), and the composition of the cities. The population density increases and the general attitude is a little more reserved and more business-like, but only to a small degree for this is still Italy after all. Verona – the [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 4

Old stomping grounds and a different type of culture. Back in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is responsible for some good Italian cuisine (that is, cucina Italiana) as well as some fine engineering and beautiful design. Emilia-Romagna is the region where I lived for over a year, and a few more months in nearby [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 3

Firenze is a beautiful city with plenty to do, though something about the thronging tourist groups caused us to remain somewhat aloof. Also, the Tuscan weather really showed us what it was capable of. Firenze is a bustling city with a ton of history packed in it. There are art galleries (Uffizi and the Accadamia), [...]