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Italy trip 2011 – entry 2

La bella Toscana, if only the weather would stop getting in the way. It isn’t really that bad, early morning sunshine promises a beautiful day but shortly after lunch the skies are dark with intermittent drizzle but then it clears up somewhat by late evening just before dark for some nice sunsets. Again we are [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 1

This and subsequent blog posts will be the very summarized version of events. For complete details feel free to inquire, but I don’t desire to be so exhaustive in this accounting. Instead I just want to touch on some highlights and share some images (higher-resolution images will be on the photo site once we return [...]

Summer Fun

We have been busy, or at least mostly Kerry has been busy, as far as vacations go. Pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery. In May we went to Zion National Park before it go too hot down there. That was a lot of fun, though maybe just about 1/2 a day too short. [...]

Photo Gallery Update

I wasn’t a huge fan of the old photo gallery site but hadn’t found anything worth replacing it with. That is until a few weeks ago. The new photo gallery is an open-source project called Plogger. It is a lot cleaner than Coppermine while still quite robust, powerful, and much more customizable.