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Time to get out and get dirty

Adventure is calling. When I was young I loved riding ATV’s with my family but as I got a bit older I really wanted a dirtbike. When I was in my early teens I saw some ads for a Honda Cub 90cc 2-stroke automatic transmission dirtbike, and for a year or two I was convinced [...]

Home build progress – part 7

Brrrrr, winter is really in full force now! It must be brutal to be working outside in the elements to apply the stucco, but progress is continuing. We did receive a bit of unwelcome news during the Christmas break, the carpet we had selected had been discontinued so we would need to come into the [...]

Home build progress – part 6

The shelving has been put up as has the molding/casing around the doors. Here’s a view in the master bathroom: The bannister over the stairs down to the basement was installed. Immediately we were very pleased with the style we had chosen, but then the stain was applied and we were blown away by the [...]

Home build progress – part 5

The weather has turned and there is constant winter weather now, cold winds are now joined by cold rain and often snow. However, the house is now mostly sealed off and contained and the furnace is functioning. This means work inside the house has continued with significant developments. Now we just have to hope for [...]

Home build progress – part 4

The framing was complete when the last post was put up. Total time for framing: 1 week. Wow. Since the framing has been completed the various “trades” have been visiting the house. Notable elements that are now present in the house: plumbing, electrical, roofing, natural gas, networking, windows, HVAC, and main circuit breaker panel. Here [...]

Home build progress – part 3

Wood is on site and the house shape is beginning to come into existence. There isn’t much to say, it is mostly described in the pictures: What is amazing is the speed with which the framing is progressing. The crew is there until late at night, using work lights to keep going, on the weekend [...]

Home build progress – part 2

The weather has turned cold but important foundational work continues. I was really happy that the basement walls were poured while it was still rather mild, just one week later we got our first snowstorm of the winter. Luckily there wasn’t much snow that stuck to the ground in the neighborhood and work was able [...]

Home build progress – part 1

Rather than continually text, tweet, and email all of you who are interested in the progress of our home build – repeating the current state of things over and over again and perhaps leaving out details and such – I figured it would be simpler to just create some blog posts with progress reports and [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 7

Ah, traveling in Italy… Having reached Roma, the next challenge is to decide what in the world to see and do. As I mentioned previously, there is so much to choose from. Many things are well known, some less so, most are worth the time, and some (similar to Juliet’s balcony in Verona) are popular [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 6

Frequently, when one thinks of visiting Italy the main cities of Firenze, Pisa, Venezia, and of course Roma are on the itinerary. If one is feeling more adventurous then side-trips to small towns in Tuscany might be added to the list. I wonder if it is possible to visit (and I mean more than simply [...]