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Italy trip 2011 – entry 5

As you travel more north in Italy there are marked changes in culture, food, landscape (of course), and the composition of the cities. The population density increases and the general attitude is a little more reserved and more business-like, but only to a small degree for this is still Italy after all. Verona – the [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 4

Old stomping grounds and a different type of culture. Back in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy which is responsible for some good Italian cuisine (that is, cucina Italiana) as well as some fine engineering and beautiful design. Emilia-Romagna is the region where I lived for over a year, and a few more months in nearby [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 3

Firenze is a beautiful city with plenty to do, though something about the thronging tourist groups caused us to remain somewhat aloof. Also, the Tuscan weather really showed us what it was capable of. Firenze is a bustling city with a ton of history packed in it. There are art galleries (Uffizi and the Accadamia), [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 2

La bella Toscana, if only the weather would stop getting in the way. It isn’t really that bad, early morning sunshine promises a beautiful day but shortly after lunch the skies are dark with intermittent drizzle but then it clears up somewhat by late evening just before dark for some nice sunsets. Again we are [...]

Italy trip 2011 – entry 1

This and subsequent blog posts will be the very summarized version of events. For complete details feel free to inquire, but I don’t desire to be so exhaustive in this accounting. Instead I just want to touch on some highlights and share some images (higher-resolution images will be on the photo site once we return [...]

Beatiful time-lapse of nature and speed climbing

I highly recommend watching this video in full-screen to really appreciate it. The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. This one is just plain crazy, Ueli Steck solo-climbs The Eiger in Switzerland in 2h 47m! Here’s a link to an article about the ascent: Speed climbing Eiger

BYU vs Utah Football 2009

I don’t really want to say much other than it wasn’t the greatest of games by either team, and BYU was lucky to get the win. But there is this event, and more specifically this image, to really capture the memory of this game. Enjoy, or not, as your persuasion may be.

Summer Fun

We have been busy, or at least mostly Kerry has been busy, as far as vacations go. Pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery. In May we went to Zion National Park before it go too hot down there. That was a lot of fun, though maybe just about 1/2 a day too short. [...]

Summer pictures update

I have recently posted up to the photo gallery a number of albums worth of pictures for some of the summer activities we have been up to in the last 6 weeks or so. At the start of July Kerry’s family came out for the 4th and the Provo Freedom Festival (including the Stadium of [...]

Take a hike

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to get outside. After a long week in Dallas working at the data center (until Sunday) and it being a holiday week, I had had enough of living in the environment-controlled world of corporate buildings, I needed to breath some fresh air and deal with the heat that [...]