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Scary moments in race track support

Have you ever had one of those “WHAT AM I DOING!?” moments?

What Star Wars was supposed to be

Not that all aspects of the Star Wars universe are all bad, but it is a far cry from what George Lucas set out to create back in the late 1970′s. Here is a video someone created and posted to YouTube where many short clips from various old serials are cut together to create a [...]

BYU vs Utah Football 2009

I don’t really want to say much other than it wasn’t the greatest of games by either team, and BYU was lucky to get the win. But there is this event, and more specifically this image, to really capture the memory of this game. Enjoy, or not, as your persuasion may be.

Autumn is here

So Autumn is officially here. I like this transitional period we are entering. I’m not a fan of late Fall and by the time Winter has been dragging on I am ready for Spring and Summer, but there is just something unique and “circle of life-ish” to the beggining of Autumn. Football, cooler weather, changing [...]

A320 attempting to land in a crazy crosswind

Wow… wow. I think the cockpit is going to need some paper towels to clean things up in there after this landing attempt. I can only imagine that their relief at not being smeared all over the tarmac is only tempered by the fact that they need to circle around and try again. Maybe they [...]

Real men only…

Flowers and smelly creams? Psh, women only! Real men want soap that contains bits of broken glass and only works at water temperatures of 40 or below. Real men don’t want perfumed toilette paper.. Scottish Spring Soap for Men: Sandy Toilette Paper (for a good hard scrubbin’): Then again… ouch! I hurt just thinking about [...]

Rap Lyrics Plotted on Graphs (visual aids)

I found a funny post over here that is a great combination of two worlds that I’m sure have never met: Rap/Dance music & Excel charts Here’s a sampling of the funnier ones:

Awesome Zombie License Plate

So I was on my way back to work after lunch when I got a chuckle out of the license plate on the car ahead of me. Normally I think personalized license plates (the government/DMV term for them, I kid you not: Vanity Plates) are stupid, immature, or otherwise lame, this one I truly like: