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Workplace homogeneity

KBYU-FM Thinking Aloud – The Socially Distinct Newcomer to the Office Another link to a KBYU-FM Thinking Aloud discussion that is interesting and worth a listen. You may have heard of this study that came out from research by a professor from the Marriott School of Management at BYU (together with another professor from Stanford [...]

Roman persecution of the Christians

KBYU-FM Thinking Aloud – Feeding Christians to the Lions The above link is an audio file originally broadcast on KBYU-FM (approx. 30 mins). It is a very interesting discussion about one specific topic, though it tangentially addresses a second one. I highly recommend taking the time to listen to it. The primary topic is how [...]

Autumn is here

So Autumn is officially here. I like this transitional period we are entering. I’m not a fan of late Fall and by the time Winter has been dragging on I am ready for Spring and Summer, but there is just something unique and “circle of life-ish” to the beggining of Autumn. Football, cooler weather, changing [...]