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Summer Fun

We have been busy, or at least mostly Kerry has been busy, as far as vacations go. Pictures have been uploaded to the photo gallery. In May we went to Zion National Park before it go too hot down there. That was a lot of fun, though maybe just about 1/2 a day too short. [...]

Summer pictures update

I have recently posted up to the photo gallery a number of albums worth of pictures for some of the summer activities we have been up to in the last 6 weeks or so. At the start of July Kerry’s family came out for the 4th and the Provo Freedom Festival (including the Stadium of [...]

Moab Trip

Kerry and I just got back from an awesome (though short) vacation down to Moab, UT. What an amazing place, I can’t get enough of that red rock and sandstone formations. I refer to the canyonlands area of southern Utah/northern Arizona as ‘God’s Sandbox’ Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, etc… are amazing areas. If [...]

Christmas Pictures 2007

I have uploaded and organized a picture summary of our Christmas 2007 vacation to the east coast. Kerry was able to change her flight to head to Connecticut for a few days for her Grandfather’s funeral and then she took a train to meet me in Baltimore where we spent the rest of our vacation [...]